Thursday, August 2, 2012

Black-Bean Scramble

I find typical breakfast food BORING and I like to try to mix it up.  Many times I eat non-breakfast things for breakfast.  I recently started making this black bean scramble for breakfast.  It's quick, easy, full of protein and I love it.  It's even easier if you have your veggies pre-cut.

Now, if you have been reading this blog, you know I don't really use measurements.  honestly, I'm just too lazy.  I just eyeball everything according to my appetite or how many people are eating.

green peppers
green onions

First I spray a bot of cooking spray in a pan  to heat the black beans and green peppers.
When those are heated through I add my liquid egg whites and chopped green onions:
When that's cooked, I plate it and top it with salsa.  I don't even know if salsa is considered "clean", but I don't even care.  I can't quit salsa!
Like I said.  Simple. Quick. Delicious!

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