Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zits, Zits, Zits....

The universe has played a cruel joke on my when it decided to give me grey hair and acne at the same time.  Seriously???
The other morning I woke up with a pimple so huge that my husband said it deserved a I called her Estrogeena.  Later that day, her sister Hormonia decided to join the party on my face.  So, the age of 39, I get to walk around with gray hair, crows feet, and some big a$$ pimples on my chin. Awesome.

This morning I discovered this little gem on Pinterest.  Its a chart that tells you why you have acne in certain areas of your face!
In high school my problem area was 1 and 2...makes sense...I did eat a lot of junk food, but I think that the 36 oz can of aqua-net a day to acheive these rockin  4 inch high bangs probably had a lot to do with the forehead acne too:
These days the pimples like to hang out in zone 11...which makes TOTAL sense.  (Warning: TMI Alert).  According to the chart, chin pimples are hormonal and happen when you are ovulating.  And guess what?  I'm ovulating.  Interestingly enough, the side you are ovulating on is the side you get the pimple on.  And guess what again?  i only have one ovary...on that side...the side where I always get a chin pimple.  I thought this was pretty cool.

This year, in order to try to get better skin, I have been testing out new products.  I am currently using the skincare line from Beauty Society.  I have only been using the products for a little over a week now, but am already noticing a difference in the softness and firmness of my skin.  I'll let you all know if I notice a big difference as the weeks progress.   *Just so you know, I do not sell or get kickbacks from Beauty Society for posting this.  It's just a product that I am enjoying and thought you might like to know about it :)

Anyway, hope you find the pimple chart helpful!


  1. Last night I was looking in the mirror thinking, "Aren't I passed the pimply-faced-kid stage?"

    Thanks for the zones, though! That helps!

  2. OMG I love this chart. I just got some lovely ones in zone 9 & 10 and yes I have grey hair and am also 39! And I have asthma, love wine & coffee. Thanks for posting this it really is helpful to see how you can make changes.

  3. You know what, Im a 3 and and 11&12. Not only am I in liver failure, but I have PCOS too and my cycle is so out of whack! Thanks for sharing this! Now I know the answers to all the times I have asked "why me" and "why now"

  4. I don't often get pimples but when I do they are huge like that! I hate it...

  5. Who knew. I guess I know what side I'm ovulating on.