Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Honest Opinion

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog post in which I said I would alternate two workouts from Bodyrock Tv and tell you what I think....well, here is what I think. I am not the best at watering down my opinion and I suck at sugar coating stuff, so here it is:

If I was new to working out or back to working out after a long break, these are great workouts! I would probably lose weight, lose fat, and tone. I'd be sore in a good way(I am not telling you to do this.  Check with your doctor first if you plan on doing this).

If I was moderately active and in decent shape, this would be a great workout.  It made me sweat, it was pretty challenging, and I think it would help tone and shape.

I consider myself very active and in good shape.  There are a lot of people in better shape than I am, but I feel like I can hold my own and I am always up for a challenge.  For me, this workout was good for maintenance.  I don't feel like it got me in any better shape (and I'm always trying to get better than myself) but it kept me from getting out of shape. 
It's just my personal preference, but I need more...a lot more. Mostly because I have tons of piss and vinegar built up in me and in order for me to be a good mom and a kind wifey and not go off on people who deserve it (I have a big, smart a$$ mouth) I have to work out hard....OMG, I sound like a psycho!  I'm really a nice person (if I work out hard enough...lol).

I think I will keep these workouts in my rotation, but I will have to do them in addition to my regular workouts.  Next I will be testing this:
Can't wait to see my neighbors reactions to this!

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