Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It's Summer, I kinda have to Workout at Home...

Ahhhh...I do love summer vacation. The non-schedule, the staying up late, sleeping in, hours at the pool, spontaneous day trips, are all such a nice break from the routine of school days.  These summer days do make it tough to get to the gym to work out on most days, so I have been working out from home. I have been doing cross-fit type workouts,  strength training on the weights at home, swimming, and running sprints up and down the street holding a med ball (my neighbors love laughing at that one).
I wanted to change things up, so I have decided to check out the Bodyrock tv site since it is all workouts you can do from home. I love that most workouts are interval workouts that take about 15-20 minutes of hard work.

I always start out doing 3 sets of 20 ab exercises. I choose a different ab workout every day.
For the next two weeks I will be alternating these two different Bodyrock TV workouts (be prepared....the woman in these videos is very um, shapely and if you are in public maybe turn your volume down ...just sayin')...anyway, I will alternate these two workouts for the next two weeks Set Fire Workout and the Push Me!  I have tried them out the last two days to make sure they were something that I would like.  I LOVED them.  I thought they looked easy...HA! I was sweating and panting like a woman in labor by the middle of these.  I suppose I could make these easier on myself my pushing less hard, but who wants to do that.  I don't want to waste my own time, so I am a total balls to the wall kind of girl when I work out.
 I always keep a workout  journal so I can track my progress.  I feel like this is so important. It is so motivating to see how far I've come. Before each of these workouts, I set up my journal simply by writing down the name of each workout so that I can write down how many reps I did each round.  I do not have the dip station she uses for the Set Fire workout, so I took two kitchen table chairs and stuck a bar between them like this:

Then I just modified the way I did the reverse push up like this:

Set Fire was a great workout and left me sweating at the end.

I timed myself on my iPhone using the Seconds Free app interval Timer.  Having a timer during interval training is so important.

Then next workout I'm doing is the Push Me.  I had to modify this a bit also.  Instead of the dip station, I used 2 barstools:

and instead of a sandbag, I did a 2 handed kettlebell squat clean using a 30 lb Kettlebell. If I didn't have kettlebells, I'd probably use a bag of dogfood or something...cuz I'm inventive like that (insert ninja kick). I was dripping with sweat and sufficiently tired after this one too.
I cannot wait to see what my results and improvement are like after 2 weeks of this.  Then in 2 weeks I'll try 2 other workouts.  
BTW, I am not a doctor or certified trainer, so I am in no way telling you that you should use these workouts or use my modifications and substitutions.  I just wanted to share a pretty cool website with you and show you that you can workout from home, even without buying equipment. Don't forget to check us out on fb.  I leave updates there often since I'm not always the best blogger https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blood-Sweat-and-Minivans/240639366014884

(edited:  omg! Does it look like I have implants in that last photo? Nothing wrong with implants, but I'm pretty flat chested.  Looks like I have cleavage, lol.  I should walk around in that position!)


  1. I love your motivation. I gotta get movin at home too! :) I'm constantly making excuses and I hate that. I'll go to boot camp fine, but I can't go every day. So I need to do something at home. I was planning on getting up to run (yes I said run) this morning before Bryan left, but with the weather and a sinus headache I couldn't make myself get out of bed at 5:30. No excuse...I should have done it anyway. I guess I'll have to get up and do something before Caden has to go to Lego camp and while he has a friend here to entertain him! I do miss Zuzana on Bodyrock though. She posts her own weekly workouts on youtube now. http://www.youtube.com/user/ZuzkaLight And you look amazing!

    1. thank you Amy! I love the workouts on Bodyrock so far and I will check out her workouts on youtube! Thanks for the compliments!

  2. I love you steph! you totally motivate me. :)

    1. Chasity, I have LOVED keeping track of your fitness/running journey and seeing all of your successes! You have come so far and I am so so proud of you!