Thursday, March 1, 2012

So You Don't Want to Look Like a neither!

I talk to so many friends who are afraid to weight train because they are afraid of getting bulky. I see so many women in the gym who won't lift more than a 5 pound weight for fear of looking like a body builder. WILL NOT BULK UP! It's pretty impossible for us to bulk up. Really ladies...your purse probably weighs more than what some of you are lifting at the gym...your kids and the groceries definitely weigh more! Weight training just won't make you bulky (but it is soooo good for you) and here's why:

1) You do not have testicles. Since you don't have testicles, you do not have sufficient testosterone needed to grow huge muscles. Women produce a very small amount of testosterone, about 1/7th that of men produce. As women, our testosterone production is highest in our early twenties. As we age, our testosterone drops. In fact, most men do not even have enough testosterone to get super bulky. I mean, I see a lot of men lifting in the gym everyday, but very few super muscular men....that's why steroids are so popular, right?

2) We do not eat enough calories or protein to produce huge muscle. Body builders eat A LOT and often. I have looked up a few body builders food plans and they include a lot of eggs and proteins up to six times a day. I tried one of these meal plans ( for like a day) and could not choke down the 6 egg whites required as just a part of breakfast.

3) You will not bulk up overnight, in a few weeks , or even in a few months. You won't suddenly wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and see a bulky she-male where you used to be. Those body building women work for years and years and HOURS a day to look the way they do.

4)You don't take body building supplements. Many of these body-builders take supplements...protein, amino acids, creatine, testosterone, BCAA's, Glutamine, anti-estrogen, growth hormone, nitic oxide, hgh boosters, etc... and sometimes (I'm not saying every body builder does so don't send me angry messages) steroids. Body building for bulk requires supplements...there's a science to it, y'all. So no, just lifting heavy weights will not make you bulk up.

I strength train almost everyday. I have been strength training for about 2 years now. I eat a lot of protein and eat a lot of calories for a girl my size. I lift pretty heavy too and I try to lift as heavy as I can every time I work out....but I am not bulky in the least. I don't really like posting pictures of myself showing my body, but for you I will. I just took these pictures right now on my computer.  One is of me just normal and the other one is of me flexing as hard as I can.'s not very impressive. I'm pretty scrawny for someone who weight trains every day.

Here I am just sitting here doing nothing but typing to you:)

Now here I am flexing as hard as I can...grrrrrrr! Not very impressive for someone who lifts weights everyday, right? I hate pictures of people flexing, so you know I must love you if I'm doing this for you :)
Sooo...why should you strength train????

1) Strength training helps with bone density. As women, we need as much help as we can get to prevent osteoporosis, arthritis, and fractures.

2) Strength training increases metabolism. It has even been proven to increase your resting metabolism. You burn more calories just sitting there watching Real Housewives!!!

3) Muscle increases your performance.  If you run, dance, yoga, Zumba you'll do it better and last longer with those extra strong muscles.

4) Heavy weights add strength and tone, not bulk. You will be stronger and toned.  Who doesn't want that???

5) Yes, you have all heard muscle weighs more than fat, but it also takes up less room than fat. Even if you gain weight, you lose inches.  Since I have started weight training, I have gained a few pounds, but moved into smaller clothing sizes that look and fit better.

Ladies, don't be afraid of strength training. It has so many benefits and has really changed so many aspects of my life for the positive.  Next time you work out, just try weights. I promise, you won't regret it....and you won't turn into the Hulk.


  1. thanks I like this Steph and you have great arms. I want that. nothing big just enough to be able to tell I workout.

    1. Thank you! What a nice compliment! Strength training does it for me:)

  2. So... can you post a simple at-home strength training routine for a beginner using 5 and 10 pound weights?

    New follower here... need some motivation like your's to get my post-baby body back in shape!

    1. Thanks for visiting! I love new friends! I can totally post strength training exercises! Thanks for the great suggestions!