Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Day of Clean Eating

I had several requests this past year to post a typical day of eating for me.  First, let me say, I am not a nutritionist, so please don't think that this way of eating will be a miracle for you.  I have done lots of reading, research, and tweaking to make this fit MY body and MY lifestyle. ( I'm actually still tweaking it every day.) It may not wok for you.

I do not count calories or measure very carefully.  I kind of just eyeball things. The portion sizes that work for me, may not work for you and my portion sizes depend on my level of activity for that day.  Some days I have to eat a ton. I find that if I'm still hungry, I will blend up a quick smoothie with spinach and a frozen banana and that sometimes I need more fat from avocados, almonds, or nut butter.

This is my general rule of thumb for portions : protein (palm sized), carbs (1/2 cup) fats (a handful), raw veggies (unlimited).  Egg whites range between 2 and 6 egg whites per serving depending on the day.

I am pretty scatterbrained sometimes, so I have to prepare this before the week begins. This type of eating usually takes me about an hour or two of food prep on Sunday afternoon. It sounds like a lot, but it saves tons of time during the week. I boil and peel my eggs, make a container of oats, chop all of my veggies and fruits, and cook my protein for the week.  This food prep serves as my meals 1-4 for the week.  Meal 5 is dinnertime, so I eat what I am serving my family that night. Meal 6 is my fun meal where I can experiment with protein packed desserts. If I don't prep, I will just go into the pantry and grab any old junk to stuff in my face. If I prepped it, I will eat it.

I will try to do this a few more times since many of you requested daily meal ideas.  I will be posting more recipes and meal planning ideas on my FB page.  Hope this helps.

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