Saturday, November 10, 2012

You made babies!!! (San Antonio Rock n Roll Marathon)

Last year a friend of mine really had it in her heart to run the half marathon at the San Antonio Rock n Roll marathon, but, for various reasons,was not able to do it.  She felt a strong desire to train for it the following year, but felt scared, discouraged, and doubtful that she could fulfill such a task.  We spoke on and off and I tried my best to encourage  her. 
Last night I checked on her via Facebook and my eyes filled with tears when I saw her profile photo:

I had forgotten that I had said that to her.  She said that this had been her mantra for this year of training.  Tomorrow, she will be running her first half marathon and i could not be more proud of her!

This is true...your body created HUMANS! What? Actual HUMANS!  THAT, my friend, is a miracle.  If your body can create miracles, it CAN put one foot infront of the other for a couple of hours. 

For me, any physical activity is a mind game.  Many times, my mind gives up before my body does.  My mind tells me LIES like "You are getting tired", "You'll never do this", "You are just not strong enough", "Stop, this hurts" mind is a big fat liar.  So, I call my mind out and challenge it.  I push those negative thoughts out of my head and BELIEVE my body can do whatever it is I am pushing it to do.

This post is for all of my friends who are running tomorrow. You can do this! You have done harder things.  Your mind will lie to you and tell you to quit. Don't listen to that liar!  Keep pushing! Your body is capable of miracles!

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  1. Thank you for this post.
    I have been struggling with balancing Mom/Wife/Me who runs. Lately, I've been moseying. Slowly.

    We can do this.